But God (Week 2)

"But God"

Last week we were reminded of the power of the tiny word, “But”.  This week we will continue to look at the phrase But God.  Remembering that the way that this conjunction works is this, it takes a situation which seems so certain, so sure; or it sees a circumstance as so dire that there was no hope.  Then the conjunction but occurs and sets forth a means whereby what was certain or hopeless is now foiled and hopeful.

  • It will appear that all is lost, but God will win in the end. Isaiah 17:12-14
  • The world's attractions seem wise, but God says we are a fool to live for them.
    Luke 12:13-21
  • I may appear righteous and pleasing to God, but God sees and knows my heart. 
    Luke 16:1-15
  • I thought I knew and was doing God's word, but God showed me my error. acts 10:1-33
  • My hope, like Jesus' body, laid lifeless in a tomb of death, but God raised Him and my hope from the dead. Acts 13:15-42

o you have a personal relationship with this God who is so powerful to change that which seems so certain and so desperate to that which is truly certain and that which is filled with joy and hope.  Are we willing to fully submit ourselves to Him?