But God (Week 1)

"But God"

The next couple of Sundays will paint an incredible masterpiece.  Every stroke of the artist’s brush will show just where we would be and how dire our conditions would be, were it not for, “…But God…”

  1. My Flesh was going to sin... But God... Genesis 20:1-13
  2. You meant to cause me hurt.. But God... Genesis 45:1-8, 50:15-21
  3. My being thirsted... But God... Judges 15:14-19
  4. y enemies persistently lay traps for me... But God... 1 Samuel 23:1-14
  5. The grave is a formidable enemy... But God... Psalms 49:15
  6. My strength is utterly exhausted... But God... Psalms 73:23-28

erhaps you are here this morning and you can identify with one of these Bible characters.  Would you this morning come to this alter and find what you need more than anything …BUT GOD.  Are we willing to let God work in our lives as He did in Joseph’s?  Do we have the confidence in God to take him at His Word and just rest knowing that the storms may blow, the enemies my gather, my flesh might grow increasingly weary, all may seem lost, but alas it is not because there is always the simple little phrase,,,BUT GOD…