But God (Week 3)

"But God"

To truly understand the importance of the phrase, “But God” all one has to do is to remove the phrase and then consider the results.  Whatever is being considered before the phrase would still be true was it not for the action upon God’s part.  Please know this, however, many times the action on God’s part must be received as a gift before it can become effective to our condition.

  • A few might love me because of personal merits, or the closeness of our bond... But God loved me while I was being a sinner. Romans 5:8
  • I was enslaved to a cruel tyrannical Master... But God freed me to serve a loving compassionate master. Romans 6:17
  • I would have devised a plan of salvation that boasts of my wisdom and strength for my own glory... But God chose a "Foolish and weak" method, so that he gets the glory. 
    1 Corinthians 1:27
  • On my own, I would not accept the teachings of God's word as from God... But God through his spirit has reveled them to me. 1 Corinthians 2:10

Where would we be if it was not for “But God”  For those of you who as of this moment are not recipients of His actions on our behalf you are still there.  Would you not today accept the love of God in your heart and life?  For those of us who have would we not now show the world the radical change that can be brought to one’s life by receiving the love of God into our hearts?