Mission Statement

Many organizations have a mission statement.  The purpose of the statement is to keep that organization reminded of their reason for existence and ensure that their every activity is done with the accomplishment of that purpose for existing. We at Faith look only to the Word of God in order to find our purpose for existing.  It is our greatest desire to use our fullest energies and resources in fulfilling our God given mission.

God’s purpose for His churches is actually comprised of several components.  In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus taught us that we were to be making disciples as we were going through life.  To make disciples of Jesus involves firstly, verbally sharing and visibly living the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is only through the correct presentation of the gospel that one can truly be saved.  With salvation accomplished, the job is not complete.  To become a disciple also involves baptism and a lifelong commitment to teaching the commands of Christ. 

Another purpose of His churches is to allow God’s love to be shed abroad in our heart so that it flows from us to others.  We are to be first a recipient of God’s love, and then a conduit by which His love is passed through unto others.  Our mission involves us loving people the way that God loves people.  While Jesus walked this earth he loved those that religion will not love.  He loved those that human emotion cannot love. He loved those that the world would overlook and pass by.  We desire to experience God’s love within us towards the end of showing God’s love to all mankind. 

Another of our purposes is to be a house of worship of God.  We believe that God is truth and He is Spirit.  Therefore, those who will worship him in a means that is acceptable to Him must worship Him in Truth and in Spirit.  We are ever striving to allow our worship services to be led by His Spirit and to be in accordance to His Truth which is His Word. 

Furthermore we exist in order to be a place where the saints can be edified or built up.  It is our Biblical mandate that we teach the Word of God which builds up and strengthens the child of God.  We know that life has its many challenges and difficulties.  Discouragements, heartaches, and struggles are often a reality of life here on this earth.  Through the Word of God and the fellowship of other saints facing the same obstacles we are able to encourage one another to continue for His honor and glory.

Finally, we exist to be a foundation and a support for the truth of God’s Word.  We are to always declare His Word even in a world and time which His Word will not be endured.  Paul warned that such a time was coming in 2 Timothy 4:3.  The day will come when His Word will not be popular.  It will, however, remain the mission of Faith to boldly and unapologetically deliver it life giving principles.