Sound Words

The amount of doors you walk through daily might surprise you. You exit from your bedroom into the bathroom. You go through doors into your kitchen, pantry, and finally out the door into your garage, and through that door as well. You go to work, and enter and exit doors all day long.


Have you ever had a door shut or slammed in your face? Have you ever been denied access to a room because you didn't have the clearance to enter? How many times have you used doors as a metaphor such as "behind closed doors" in speaking to others? Have you ever been on the wrong side of a door?


The world was so wicked that God repented that He had ever made earth and man. But in the midst of this corruption while God was looking down upon the earth, Noah was looking up and found grace in the eyes of the Lord. He builds an ark to the specific instructions God gave him, and was a preacher of righteousness by his life, and maybe even literally.


At the end of 120 years, God tells Noah to get his family and join the animals on the ark and they obey. After seven days, God shuts the door, and it begins to rain upon the earth. The fountains of the deep open up while the originally created seventh layer of water plummets to the earth, and after 40 days, the earth is entirely flooded.


Once God shut the door, there was no more opportunity to board the ark. When God opens a door, no one can shut it - just ask the church at Philadelphia (Rev. 3:8). But on the same hand, when God shuts a door, no one can open it.


There will come a day when the New Covenant of God's grace will culminate with His second coming and merge into the eternal covenant. At that point, the door of grace will be closed. Are you on the right side of the door of God's grace?


Michal was on the wrong side of the window; she despised David for dancing before the Lord with all his might as the Ark of the Covenant returned to Jerusalem. For her sin, she was barren and never enjoyed a marital relationship with her husband, the king.


When a plague fell on Israel, Aaron took a censer from the Tabernacle and ran through the congregation. Those on the right side were spared, and lived.


Are you on the ark with Noah?


Are you dancing with David?


Are you the right side of Aaron?


Hopefully you are; but if not, then take the time and get on the right side of the door before it closes for all eternity.


Just as there was only one door on the ark Noah built, Jesus is the only door of salvation. He is called the "door of the sheepfold" as well as "the way, the truth, and the life". Jesus is coming soon; enter through The Door!